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Following the success of the Junior Green SuperCamp at the Green School in July, Roger Hamilton and his team will be recreating the magic by holding the very first senior camp this December.

Senior Green Supercamp is a brand new partnership between the world-renowned Green School & Supercamp, the world leader in summer enrichment camps for students. For seven fun, inspirational days, teenage leaders between 14 and 17 years old will have the camp of a lifetime, learning the world’s best accelerated learning skills while building the values of a Global, Green Citizen. Supercamp’s Expert Facilitators will be flying in from the U.S. and around the world. Students will be attending from Australia, Singapore, Canada, United States, Indonesia and across Asia.

Green Supercamp will help the teenagers to increase grades while building their confidence, motivation and the drive to break through barriers that can hold them back in life. All within the beautiful setting of the Green School, Bali.

Testimonials from the campers

“That I had the best time of my life and that it will stay in my memory forever’ – Achintya Holte Nilsen

“Best week of my life!” – Maddison Brett

“In Green SuperCamp, I’m really myself” – Fiona Joshua

“It was so great and inspiring and I would say that it made me a happier person” – Sara Ginnivan

“Words can’t describe it! You’ll have to go to understand” – Luke Hamilton


Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Masters is the next step on from Wealth Dynamics Academy. It is led by a group of world-class mentors and hosted by Roger Hamilton.

This is a transformational week held at XL Vision Villas (http://www.xlvisionvillas.com) where you will find yourself taking apart and reassembling the components of your life to align them with the true, tangible outcomes that serve you. This is a programme for individuals, couples and high performing leadership teams, using all the tools of Wealth Dynamics and the Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse.

“Your business today is what you’ve designed it to be. Whether it’s more like a multi-purpose vehicle, sports car, bicycle, dump truck or tractor, it is giving you the output it’s giving you as a result of the choices you’ve made along the way. For many of us, transformation begins realizing that we can get back to the drawing board, learn from our mistakes, and redesign consciously.” – Roger James Hamilton

To attend, visit: www.wealthdynamicscentral.com


Roger Hamilton’s work with global change makers led him in 2010 to the NASA Research Centre in Silicon Valley, USA, where leading technological entrepreneurs are combining resources and know-how to meet humanity’s grand challenges. Singularity University, co-founded by X Prize Founder, Peter Diamandis and futurist, Ray Kurzweil, has attracted international interest as a centre actively preparing entrepreneurs for the future’s challenges and opportunities.

All of Roger Hamilton’s seminar series are driven by the concept of World Wide Wealth: Empowering social enterprise and global change by increasing our collective ability to create and contribute wealth.

This trip in particular and its entire theme inspired Roger to create an incredible one-day event – Fast Forward your Business. After a successful Fast Forward your Business Tour in Australia, Roger Hamilton and his team has decided to bring this event to Tokyo, London and Johannesburg and Cape Town this September.

At the event the participants will learn
✔ The Top 10 trends that will make or break your business in the next 5 years
✔ How to future proof your business for future success
✔ Immediate steps to profit now from the changes taking place.

Roger Hamilton will be covering key topics including the current transformations in global business models, customer behaviors, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, crowd sourcing, outsourcing, mobile payments, virtual markets, cloud services, the trust economy and the trends in technologies, communications and global markets that effect your business today. Roger will explain what these changes are, where we are on the curve, and what this means to each one of us. The team we work with will learn practical steps on how to prepare and profit with this information with case studies of both proven success and failure. This combination of clear information and practical actions will leave one empowered and inspired towards one’s future success.

To know more about Fast Forward your Business event, Click Here.


If you’re ready to join a playground of social entrepreneurs, join Roger Hamilton and his team this October for the Transformational Leadership Summit. This event will be attended by Global Thought Leaders, Change Makers and Social Entrepreneurs – Individuals that are playing a transformational role in addressing the grand challenges of humanity. Organized by the Association of Transformational Leaders, Asia, the First Transformational Leadership Summit will take place at Vision Villas Resort in Bali, Indonesia from October 13th to 16th 2011.

Roger Hamilton says, “The purpose of this summit is to bring together Transformational Leaders from various fields and many countries, to connect with each other, share experiences, create potential new partnerships and gain a new perspective for the common path we are sharing as a global community.”

All participants will be founder or leader of an organisation making an impact in the world today.
This event is hosted by Roger James Hamilton and Marcia Martin

To attend, visit: www.transformationalleadershipsummit.com

Book your place for the Wealth Dynamics Academy!

We are excited to announce the next Wealth Dynamics Academy is just around the corner! Taking place in August 2011, this event takes place at XL Vision Villas in Bali. It takes Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics system and expands it into the 64 Wealth Vectors. Topher Morrison will be conducting the action-packed workshop, creating transformational results for the participants as they go on the life journey of each of the eight profiles.

You will see how Roger James Hamilton has decoded the I Ching into eight threads based on the eight trigrams (which link to the Wealth Dynamics Profiles) and how each of these eight threads represents the eight archetype myths you will find in every popular film, myth and bed-time story. As Roger Hamilton explains “When we see that mastery doesn’t come from being perfect, but from navigating through the passages of time, we give ourselves permission to be imperfect yet fulfilled at every moment. This is the heart of gratitude, which is at the centre of true wealth.”

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